“If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”
~ Edward Hopper

The fact that art says things words can’t say is my major reason for loving art. The ‘wow’ feeling of someone creating something good beyond explanation.The depth artist reaches to for them to create beautiful artworks that make you think. I think about how he or she did that, what is the artist trying to say? Art makes you think deeply and focus well for you to get every detail of what a particular Artwork is about.Hyper-realism pyrography Art

When I came across Alex Peter’s work, I knew I have to chat with him for him to share the story behind his art. Alex discovered his gift of Arts and painting at a very young age, he grew in it and developed a deep passion for it. He developed his artistic skills using different kinds of drawing mediums like a pen, pastel, pencil, and Pyrography art/wood burning (use of razor, sandpaper, and burner). He’s a self-taught pencil artist and a self-taught PYROGRAPHER (wood burning) artist. His artworks centers around what his eyes can capture and how life is perceived relating to the African settings, which he then skillfully executes realism.

Hyper-realism pyrography Art Razor blade on wood and burner, how did you get here?

I started this Pyrography art (Razorblade on wood) as at 2010. Was doing pencil and pastel works as at then. Because of how my passion was for art, I searched for more different kind of unique styles until I discovered this kind of art in Benue state, so I worked hard and did self-practices on this technique, by infusing my pencil style to this kind of art to form realism. I was inspired by an artist, Simon Agbo. I grew and improved in this genre of art, that’s how I was able to create a realism with it now.

Alex PeterAn Hyper-realist Artist, what form of art is that?

Hyper-realism is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph. Where it seems like you can’t differentiate a photography from an artwork. Hyper-realism is considered an advancement of Photo-realism by the different methods used to create the resulting paintings or sculptures.

Alex Peter

Interesting! What drawn you to art? What challenges have you faced as an hyper-realism artist?

Art has actually had a place in me since I was a kid. The passion to create is a crucial thing in my life till date. Challenges I face as an artist sometimes are materials and time.

What inspires your kind of art? Are you in anyway trying to pass across a specific message with it?

I’m inspired by my environment and how it’s perceived by people and me. I try to express the feelings, emotions of how my environment is been perceived and how people can stand up to any challenges life throws at them.

Alex peter

Have you done any exhibition since you started?

Yes, I exhibited at Omenka gallery, Lagos

Which other artists inspire you?

I’m inspired by the likes of Kelvin Okafor, Harinzey Stanley, Simon hexbyn and some other great artists

Which artist will you love to work with?

Would love to work with Simon Hexbyn, Harinzey Stanley, Oscar Okunu, Ayo Filade, Isimi Taiwo
Alex Peter artYou can connect with Alex Peter on Twitter: @Alexpeter_art


Deji Adefila

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  1. Is this for real?
    How can someone draw with a razor?!!??
    This’s Amazing

  2. Komolafe tobi Reply

    This young artist really amazes me a lot, and he is also my source of inspiration.. My one and only aim is to be greater than Alex Peter.. But for now he is still my boss

    • Deji Adefila
      Deji Adefila Reply

      Put in the great effort.
      It will be a pleasure to share your story someday.

  3. The words used here are too brief. They barely capture the soul of the discourse? Exhibition?
    Maybe he can tell us better if he makes a picture out of his life story. Some people are gifted with words, others prefer fewer.
    We need a painting. That’s the way he tells his story. 🙂❤

    I admit I had difficulty crafting this comment. Even for a person with so many words like me.😓

    • AyoDeji Adefila
      AyoDeji Adefila Reply

      A painting that tells his story?! That would be nice to behold.
      It was a Q&A hence few words, he works are wonderful, I don’t have the right words to describe them. Probably no word to describe it.
      Thanks for dropping by.

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