I have always loved road travel. There’s no experience that can beat a road trip experience for me. The beautiful sights, peaceful villages, crazy people trying to show their unnecessary driving skills etc. Even though the state of our roads is not encouraging, I will never give up on the road trip spirit.

The plan was to touch base in all states in southwest Nigeria during the independence day weekend.  Yea, it looked impossible but we did it!

With all bags and food packed, we left Lagos 7 am Saturday morning for our itinerary to work out well. We passed through Shagamu to Lagos – Ore expressway (boy! That road needs a proper and urgent fix). We turned off at Ore and drove 45 minutes before entering the ancient Ondo town. The hills were wonderful to behold.

Smoking Hills

 Ore to Erin Ijesha took us 2hr 30mins  (thanks to the bad road).


There is a sign on the road that reads welcome to Erin Ijesha and with the help of one of the villagers, we located the waterfall. They have a small car park at the entrance that cost N200 to park your car and we were assured it was safe.

Erin ijesha waterfall
Welcome to Erin Ijesha

Erin Ijesha Osun Erin Ijesha

The entry fee was N500 per person and I had to pay N500 for my camera as well…Really?!??!? I wonder why a camera will cost the same as a human being. We got a tour guide and we were excited to start our adventure. While working towards the stairs, the guide told us we might not be able to go beyond the second level as it was 12:30 pm which was late to him. Yinka, Abiola & Valerie’s motivated us to get to the source of the waterfall.

erin ijesha waterfall osun erin ijesha waterfall osun

 Yinka “I didn’t come all the way from Lagos not to get to the source of the waterfall”.

erin ijesha waterfall osun

7th level erin ijesha waterfall
Chasing waterfalls

erin ijesha waterfall osun 7th level erin ijesha waterfall

It was all good laughs as we climbed the stairs from the ground level to the second level until I realized you have to get on all fours to get to other levels. To be honest, Abiola looked like the most unfit person for the hike but lo and behold she kept crawling up like a pro. By the time we got to the 4th level, I could feel blood pumping to my head, and we were already out of soda and water. Our mistake, we didn’t take enough with us. The view from the top of the mountain was amazing.

erin ijesha waterfall osun

erin ijesha waterfall osun
Me on all fours
erin ijesha waterfall osun
4th level according to the guide. I had to take a seat
erin ijesha waterfall osun
the 7th level is another 1hr 30mins walk from this point

A small village called Abake is located at the top of the hill which is by the seventh level. Getting to this level requires another walk for about one and half hours going through bushes. It was such a dull walk for me and the thought of anything happening in the bush didn’t even cross my mind. The walk was so exhausting and we had to pick up fallen oranges to eat. God always providing for his own, they were good oranges. The village is said to be under a local government in Ekiti state. So basically, we walked from Osun state to Ekiti state.


7th level erin ijesha waterfall
Made it to the source of the waterfall. Abiola holding some oranges we picked up on the way
7th level erin ijesha waterfall
Peep the house
7th level erin ijesha waterfall
Recognize these leaves? We were standing in Ekiti State

The descent from the hill was faster but harder. While descending, we missed our way and we had to climb up and down the right path. This time, my legs were shaking. It was a ‘crawl on your butt’ climbing. I really appreciate my butt for not failing me and promise to respect it more from now on.

We descended around 5:30 pm.


I will visit Erin Ijesha again but I am never going beyond the 2nd level. I am glad I did it even though it was a scary and struggling climb. It made me realize  I AM LIMITLESS.


Deji Adefila

Sage Linguist. Travel Evangelist. Tech Ninja


  1. Sad I missed this, getting to explore your environment is always beautiful!

    Some of us can’t wait for the next trip, I’m in!

    • Deji Adefila
      Deji Adefila Reply

      Yes, it’s
      Going back to Badagry on Dec 16th. Let me know if you will be around

  2. This is beautiful.
    Your blog is amazing!
    I hope to visit Nigeria someday.

  3. Wow! What an adventure. Hiking should be my next challenge to overcome. Being a lazy stander/walker i might not go beyond the first level.🤗. Lovely writeup.

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