One look outside and yep, it’s raining. After getting caught up in the heavy downpour last week Saturday and also on Monday, I figured it would be lifesaving to share some safety and stylish tips for the rainy season with you. We all know rain in Lagos can be a total mess, so we have to be careful while we driving or walking. Here we go!

Tip 1. Always check the weather forecast to get an idea of what the weather will be like if it will be a bright and sunny or a windy and rainy day. This always saves me from having stories that touch moments. This act will help you prepare for the next tip.

Tip 2. Get rubber sandals(or crocs) and always keep them with you if the forecast says “rainy day”. This will not only protect your beautiful shoes from getting soaked up but also protect you from a naked wire in case you step on one unknowingly and get the kind of shook you don’t ever want. If you stay in a heavy flood-prone area, you might want to consider stylish rain boots. 

stylish tips rainy season
Mine is gradually returning to the gods

stylish tips rainy season


stylish rain boots for rainy season
Light and super comfy

Tip 3. This is not the season to flaunt your leather wristwatch, trust me. Keep it for the sunny days and rock your waterproof watch instead.

Tip 4. Try as much as possible to reduce the number of gadgets you go out with but if this is impossible, get a good waterproof backpack.

Tip 5. Stay dry in a lengthy raincoat.  The umbrella can fend some of the rain away but it can’t cover the entire body. It’s more convenient to carry around a raincoat than an umbrella and it will protect your outfit better.

Tip 6. Ladies, this season is the one when you have to keep the cornrows under your wig neat and clean. You don’t want to have your wig soaked up but if it so happens to be raining when you have to move, neatly tuck the wig in your bag and flaunt your natural hair – hence, the tidy cornrows we mentioned at first.

Tip 7. Ladies, there are lovely looking rubber handbags now, you should try and get one. If the storm’s-a-coming or you are already stuck in the office and the rain doesn’t seem like shedding its tears anytime soon, put all your valuables in the rubber handbag and lock your fine leather bag in your locker.

stylish tips rainy season stylish tips rainy season

Tip 8. Most of us use our phones as a flashlight, but not all phones are water resistant. If you can get the feature phones which come with a torchlight (last I checked, you could get one for N3,550), it would really come in handy during the rainy season. If it gets wet, you can remove the battery, submerge the phone in a heap of rice for some hours when you get home and voila! your phone will be back on.

*warning* please don’t eat that rice, just to be safe and avoid stories that touch 😀😀

Tip 9. If you are driving, please try to fix your car AC and your indicators, they really come handy while driving in the rain.

I hope we can make use of any of these tips. If I have left out any, please drop them in the comments.

Deji Adefila

Sage Linguist. Travel Evangelist. Tech Ninja


  1. Where to buy such fine boots in Lagos? I could just chuck it in my boots for the inevitable

    • Ayodeji Adefila
      Ayodeji Adefila Reply

      A friend said something similar can be bought on John Street, Lagos Island.
      This one isn’t from Lagos

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