I have been doing a lot lately concerning Travel in Africa on Twitter (@Afrobloggers) which has made me neglect the blog for awhile, and life happened too. On Thursdays, I talk about Travel in Africa and interact with over 5,000 Africans following, it has been very interesting so far. Learning about different cultures and things we share in common as Africans. I wrote about my first experience here

On last week’s episode of Wanderlust Thursday (that’s what we call it), I decided to talk about snacks that are common across Africa and what each was called. As usual, my ever faithful Ugandans had a surprise for me. We looked at Puff-Puff, Suya, Chin-Chin and more.
P.S: it was so interesting, some Europeans joined in.

Here are the various names of our delicious snacks:


what is it called in your country

Amagwinya – IsiZulu (South Africa)                                                                    Vetkoek –  South Africa and Namibia

Maandazi – Tanzania.                                                                                            Oukuki – Namibia.

Botokoin  – Togo                                                                                                     Bofroat – Ghana

Vitumbuwa – Zambia                                                                                            Manadasi/Mandazi – Malawi          

Amandazi – Rwanda.                                                                                              Mikaté – Congo (Lingala)

Mabhanzi – Zimbabwe                                                                                           Mandazi – Uganda

Fatcooks – Zimbabwe                                                                                            Gbofloto –               

Magwinya– Botswana                                                                                           Krapfen – Germany           

Oliebollen – The Netherlands & Curaçao                                                           MATHOBA –                                                          

 Les gâteaux farines – Gabon                                                                             Ibitumbura – Burundi


what is it called in your country This part was the highlight of the day. Ugandans call chin-chin “daddies”. Me someday in Uganda, I will pull up and say “I want some good looking daddies” 

Daddies – Uganda                                                                       Mahamri – Both in coastal Kenya and Tanzania

Dondoz–                                                                                        Les croquettes – Gabon

Sulu-wai –                                                                                    Toba Umutwe/ Musakaule –                           

Atchomon – Togo                                                                      Machuchu-                                                                                 

Chin-chin – Ambazonia


what is it called in your country

Sosatie – Namibia


what is it called in your country
We call it Keke in Nigeria. This schooled in the abroad

Tuk-tuk – Kenya and Uganda, SA                                                                                   Okatololi –  Namibia

Bajaj – Tanzania                                                                                                                Bajaji

Adedeta – Ghana                                                                                                             Yolo-Yolo – Ghana

Mahama camboo – Ghana                                                                                            Keke – Nigeria


what is it called in your country

Kombi – zimbabwe                                                                              Danfo– Nigeria

Cara-cara – SA                                                                                      Matatu – Kenya

Tro-tro – Ghana


I will keep updating this post, be on the lookout for it. Also, drop your answers and corrections in the comment.



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