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The famous saying ‘so close yet far away’ is what applies to me and visiting the Olumo Rock. My travel crew and I decided to explore Abeokuta in Ogun State and visit Olumo Rock. We were joined by 7 other amazing people that were interested in visiting Olumo Rock.

We took off from Lagos around 8:30am (the small chops guy really made it a serious task to delay us). Light traffic here and there on Lagos-Ibadan expressway, fast-forward to 10:20am, we were in Abeokuta.

It’s a nice town. With the help of Google maps, we were able to navigate around and locate Olumo Rock (to be on the safer side, though, my paranoid self paid an Okada man to lead us there).

Entry fee to Olumo Rock is N700. It’s quite amazing the number of visitors that come to climb the rock.

I was in awe of the rock formation which was similar to the kind found in Efon Alaye, Ekiti State. We got assigned to a tour guide, who did his best in telling us about the history of the rock.

Climbing the rock was no joke. Bolu (she has hiked every mountain in sight in Jos, Plateau State) and Ifeanyi are experienced rock climbers, so it wasn’t a new task for them.

The climb was adrenaline filled and fun. Hopping from one point to another, side-walking through paths, bending through other paths and running up sloppy surface, we made it to the top of the rock.

And there, it was such an amazing view. From the top of the rock, you can see the first primary school in Abeokuta, the first cathedral church and the lovely brown roofs.

There is an art and craft store near the rock. They sell amazing artworks which some of us bought.

By the time we descended the rock, we were tired and hungry. Again, with the help of Google Maps (no more paying Okada man), we were able to locate the Green Legacy Resort. FYI, the resort is amazing.

I love what they have going on there with wood-carving art. From the tables and chairs in the lounge area to the decoration, it was nice.

We took a walk around the whole facility. It isn’t your regular resort as this one comes with a mini zoo and a presidential library. It has a mini rock (if I recall well, it’s called Rock of Inspiration) of its own with two telescopes at the top. You can see Abeokuta with it.

We had our amazing buffet lunch, great laughs about the trip and we headed back to Lagos. I wouldn’t have wanted to go to Abeokuta with any other set of people than the ones that I went with. They were simply amazing!

We’re definitely heading to other places soon. The Fun Bus is getting ready for us.

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